Core Business

Metal Fabrication Service & Supply

Through our affiliate company, PT. Indo Buana Pratama, We offer wide range of products & services for metal products ranging from: metal fabrication service, metal supply, manufacturing semi finished and finished goods. We utilize production and warehousing facility to support vast demand and rapid delivery requirement in the industry. Our facility is equipped with vast machinery and production equipment, our service are: punch, countersink, milling, cutting, bending, etc. We focus on product quality and punctual delivery which become our selling point.  We provide tailored packaging solution that suits clients needs

With our strong network We are able to source various metal and other supporting parts according to client’s request e.g.: aluminium casting, aluminium profile, fastener, and many more.

Our Strategic Fields: 

  • Furniture Industry
  • Public Transportation
  • Construction, building & Architectural
  • Electrical