Interbrucke Fabrication

Interbrucke Fabrication is one of Interbrucke Group division which is established to provide value added process to aluminium extrusion product. Interbrucke fabrication was established in 2013 with production capacity 5 MT/ month. As the time progressed, We have continually developed our quality and capabilities in manufacturing aluminium fabricated product. As of now our production capacity is around 140 MT/ month.

We are capable in handling fabrication and machining process such as: cutting, drilling, tapping, milling, punching, bending, countersink, and welding. We also provide product assembly services for window and door, fences, rails, ballusters. We will always strive to enhance our quality, capability, and services to support our valued customers

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Klampis Jaya Madya 10E
Ruko Klampis Square Blok C-9, Surabaya 60117 Indonesia

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