Aluminium History

In the old days Greek, Romans, and Chinese used earthenware clays which contains aluminium for pottery. In 1761 De Morveau introduce the name “alumine” for this particular material. Then in 1808 Sir Humphry Davy succeed in introducing the existence of this metal. In 1825 a physicist and chemist from Denmark, Henry Christian Oersted succeed in synthesizing pure aluminium. In 1827 Freidrich Wohler managed to achieve what Oersted do in synthesizing pure aluminium but with different method. From this point aluminium started to be used for commercial purpose. During its early period, aluminium was worth more than gold as it’s hard to synthsize pure aluminium. It continues until in 1886, two young scientist Charles Heroult and Martin Hall succeeded to obtain aluminium from aluminium oxides (alumina). The name of this process was called Hall-Heroult. This is the turning point which allowed the aluminium to be mass produced with affordable cost and used across different kind of industries as we know today

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